James Miller

James Miller began experimenting with paint and sketches during his recovery from a severe brain injury sustained during an IED ambush near Tikrit, Iraq. Through his hospitalization and post surgery treatments, he used art as a way to express the emotional upheaval, PTSD, and physical pain he experienced during his transition.
James served as the Art Coordinator at the Veterans Therapeutic Art Center, located in northern Indiana, from 2011-2012. James now works exclusively through the Limp Goat Art Collective, a self driven outsider art studio that incorporates the gamut from fine art and commissioned murals to “pop up” art galleries, graffiti, and public performance pieces.
James is a member of the Heartland Artists, TAF Gallery, Lakeland Art Association and Northern Indiana Artists.
James believes it is an artist’s responsibility to bring awareness to social issues, pop culture, and current events. “Art” is not the final product. Art is the process. Every piece is a social statement. Painting is a process of survival.



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