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July 2018

2018 Fall Members Show

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful artists who brought their work to the gallery for our Fall Members Show, also many thanks to the show judge! The judge was Timothy Young, who formerly worked within the art department at Grace College. He now has a studio in the Old Train Depot, Warsaw.  Awards were presented at the show reception on Sunday, November 11. 2 Honorable Mentions were given, as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place, one Best of Show award, and three purchase awards! Purchase awards were sponsored by David Taylor, Blue Pearl Art and Antiques; Joanne Kolbe, Attorney at Law; and Kelly Shoemaker, Truly Original Art studio. This wonderful exhibit will be on display in the Lakeland Gallery until Dec. 22.

Honorable mention 1, Leo Dean Jansen, ” Monument Valley Juniper ” Also won a purchase award sponsored by Dave Taylor, Blue Pearl Art and Antiques.



Honorable Mention 2 “Civilization” by Elizabeth A Wamsley





Purchase award 2, “Venice Reflection” by Leo Dean Jansen. Sponsored by Joanne Kolbe, Attorney at Law.





Purchase award 3, “A chink in her armor” by Heidi Bailey sponsored by Kelly Shoemaker, Truly Original Art.





3rd Place “Biltmore Terrace” by Susan Ring,  judge comments ” Wonderful scene that draws the viewer in, down the terrace, and out through the space at the other end. Consistent coloring throughout. ”



2nd place “Hitched Up” by Jennifer Laffoon. Judge comments “Powerful wall hanging column, very classical! Symmetry very strong, a majestic visual.





 1st place “Don’t Quote Me” by Kenton Yoder . Judge comments ” Epic Visual with soft floating forms. Well balanced throughout. Very rich but passive at the same time. ”



Best in show;  “If you Can’t say anything nice, don’t say Anything at all” by Heidi Bailey.  Judge comments “A strong, alluring, mysterious use of materials, giving a visual statement supporting the title. Consistent, thoughtful construction. ”

2018 Artisan Holiday Boutique

Thanks so much to all of the amazing artists who brought their work to LAA’s Artisan Holiday Boutique at Baker Youth Club on November 3. The variety and quality of the work was wonderful!










Permanent Collection Display

Attention all Lakeland members! We would like to display pieces from our permanent collection in our gallery classroom. This will allow more space in our gift shop for our members to display their artwork. In order to do this, we will need to purchase Walker hanging system rails and hooks for our classroom. If you would like to donate funds for this purpose, please drop off your donation at the gallery, and specify what the funds are for. Thank you so much for your help and support.

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