Andrew Corp

Andy Corp is an Acrylics artist who is currently creating work using the poured acrylics technique.

Artist statement and Bio for Andrew Corp
His loyalty has always lain with acrylic paints, which he uses to sculpt abstract seascapes and idyllic images of sunsets. Each work speaks to the adventure and beauty of the natural world, with powerful tumultuous skies and crashing waves. Painting is a way that Andy feels at peace when he paints and his wish is that others feel the same when they look at his work. He wants others to feel the hope and promise of a better future sealed into each painting.

Andy Corp’s artistic expression came later in his life influenced by his artistic sister. He has no formal training but continues to develop his style by observing other artists and carefully examining other works of art. He has a collection of paintings that evoke a wide range of emotion, from a happy seascape to a contemplative sunset.


Latest series of painting

Pushing the Darkness Away
I created this series of paintings in order to give people hope. As the darkness in this world closes in on us and the storms of life pull us in every direction there can be hope found in the light. As the light breaks through these paintings so Christ can break through our lives and bring us hope and life. So enjoy these paintings and just as this series of paintings varies in the strength of storm no matter the storm in your life Christ can shine through.
Andrew Corp

New work by Andy Corp

See a video of Andy creating a piece of artwork here :


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