Kenton Yoder

Kenton Yoder discovered painting at age 56. Although always creative, he had never seriously considered art. Working in the model toy industry, dabbling in stained glass design, and building several collections satisfied his drive to create something unique.

In 2014, watching his daughter paint with watercolors, he expressed an interest in painting. After his family gave him some basic acrylic paint supplies, he experienced a burst of creative energy and produced about 125 paintings in his first year. He started painting in the abstract style because he thought it would be easier while learning the basics of painting. Although he learned that abstract may in fact be one of the most difficult genres in which to paint meaningful works, he continues to enjoy the challenge.

After painting for four years, he is beginning to find his signature style, which is exploring strong textures, colors, and moods. Mr. Yoder states that his goal is to create paintings which connect with the viewer on a very emotional level. His work can be seen at Arts On Main in Elkhart, Indiana, and at a number of local shows and contests during the year.

Statement –
I feel that the first purpose of art is to make a visceral, instinctive connection with whoever experiences it. Whatever level this emotional connection reaches, I believe it is essential. Any intent on the part of the artist to make a deeper statement will be lost if the viewer does not make a visual, emotional connection with the work. Whether or not the viewer is able to express or even understand their connection to a work of art, is immaterial. The very fact that an artwork resonates with the viewer validates its existence. It is my goal as an artist to create art that becomes a valued part of the owners life.

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