Paul Raiman

Paul Raiman

Artist Biography:

What do surgery and photography have in common? A lot it turns out. Both require outstanding technical skills, as well as the creativity to address problems and opportunities as they immediately arise. These skills, coupled with a love of nature, underscore Paul’s photography portfolio.

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Paul took advantage of surrounding forests, lakes, and rivers, and in grade school developed an interest in black and white photography. This included film development and printing in his father’s basement darkroom.

Following his graduation from Kalamazoo college, Wayne State University’s School of Medicine, and his fellowship training at the Ferguson Clinic, Paul joined a surgical practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he resides today. In his spare time, he continued to explore the changing world of photography, particularly digital imaging.

In 2012, dealing with a very difficult, life-changing neurological condition, Paul retired and renewed his study and practice of photography. This interest went “viral” in the transition from the art of surgery to the art of photography with a renewed focus on animal, floral, and macro applications. Also, in his studio work, he has been inspired by the unique lighting techniques implemented by Helmut Newton.

In addition to his private commissions, Paul has a blossoming interest in gallery exhibitions. Paul has exhibited his work at Artlink in Fort Wayne, the Honeywell Center in Wabash, LaFontaine Arts Council of Huntington, the Millrace Photography Contest and Exhibition in Goshen and at New Haven Parks and Recreation. In these competitions, his work has received a number of top awards. One of Paul’s photos was used as the cover of the Spring 2017 issue of Land Conservancy Magazine and his career transition, “A Shift in Focus,” was the topic of a feature story in the Feb. 2016 issue of Fort Wayne Living.

Artist Statement:

Capturing the very special elements and energies of a certain scene, aspect of nature, or individual – reflected in its beauty, power and composition- is my passion in photography. Communicating that passion,that energy, to the viewer is my challenge ,a challenge I truly enjoy in nature photography due to the dynamics of its predictable unpredictability.



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