Robert Hudson

Robert Hudson demonstrating how to paint mountainsRobert A Hudson

It is simple, really. I am doing what I was born to do. I have known since I was very young, that I would be an artist. I had no idea in what medium, what style.

Until very recently, even all the above was still unknown to me. I have worked for years in pencil, doing portraits of western peoples and places. I started painting in 1994, learning a whole new medium, oils! I’ve dabbled in sculpture, finished dozens of murals inside, and outside, some over 100 feet long.

The earliest pull upon my artistic heart was the detailed works of Rembrandt. I loved the Dutch masters. But, my passion was the fantasy art by Boris Vallejo, and Frank Frazzetta. The limitless possibilities of fantasy as an art subject. WOW, what fun.

In 2016 I have returned to the passion of my youth… fantasy. After several works delving into this OTHER world of artistic expression, I still struggled to find THE thing to keep the fire of creation alive.

I then started a new self-portrait, depicting the old and battered warrior with in my soul… eureka!!!

The painting became a theme, became an idea, became a book, became a series. THE RA’H SON CHRONICLES.

I am writing the Chronicles, illustrating the cover art for the books, doing the illustrations for posters as well as headers for chapters. I truly feel, other than commission work, portraits or occasional murals, my LIFE work is now the books, and illustration art for them.

I feel so lucky to of survived the horrors of a starving artist, to arrive at this place and time of perpetual creation.

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