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2021 is a NEW Year

By Doug Jeffreys | March 8, 2021 Uncategorized

We all want to put 2020 in our rear view mirror.   It started out as any other but soon morphed into a tough year as we were bombarded with information about a new pandemic and a new virus which changed the course of the world.  No mask. Mask. Maybe no mask once again in the not too distant future. Only time will tell. But, enough of 2020. I’m done with it. It’s time to take a DEEP breath… and reset.   

Firstly, I want to thank Melodie Koher and Kelly Shoemaker for their participation and insight over the past couple of months as I make the transition from Treasurer to President. We have had many, many discussions about how to move forward with the challenges of a global pandemic still about us and an uncertain future ahead.

Secondly, I want to briefly outline what we have planned for our membership. We are absolutely moving forward with our programs and exhibits as planned. We will be having our usual Spring juried show and our Fall members show as well as partnering with Heartland Photography Club for an interesting show that will involve our membership creating works of art based on their photographic works and exhibiting both side by side. I can’t wait for this one! We will also be having a plein air event this Fall on a Saturday, which is good news for those of us who have regular jobs and couldn’t get the Friday into our schedule. We also have several other events planned during the year so stay tuned!

Thirdly, we NEED you help! If you’re a member and want to find a place to plug in or just want to be a part of something, let us know! We’ll find a place that suits your particular skill set. If you’re NOT a member but are curious, feel free to poke around our site. Give us a call. Stop by and chat. We would be happy to have you join and experience the camraderie of our association. We ARE a friendly bunch!

Finally, we will be looking for ways to increase our digital footprint. We would like to find ways to make our site available for all of our membership to show and potentially sell their work using an e-commerce template. We will be blogging more and finding ways to inform and engage the inner artists in each of you.  As always, I’m always open to suggestions and I’m happy to entertain ideas and constructive critique.

From my keyboard to your screen, have a very creative new year!