What Is the Easiest Contractors License to Get in Florida

Once construction begins, many general contractors work on-site with their team, monitoring progress and ensuring everything is completed safely and in accordance with building regulations and codes. The Contractor Licensing Board only accepts certain credit reports, so check out this list of approved suppliers who can provide you with what you need. Now that you know a little more about the details of qualifying for a general contractor license in Florida, it`s time for you to get started. To check this, here`s a basic description of the path you`ll take early in your career: Do you want to check the exact cost of your contractor`s license bond? Fill out the short form below! Florida has two main categories of licenses: certified (state-level) and registered (local). Florida Contractor Licenses are further divided into two main categories: Division I Contractors and Division II Contractors. Candidates for general contractors in Florida must be able to demonstrate at least 4 years of construction work experience or a combination of work and education experience. For this reason, many entrepreneurs in Florida choose to attend business schools, as this time can count towards mandatory experience requirements. When applying for a certified license, you must also provide proof of qualification: All applicants for a certified license must have four years of relevant work experience or a combination or work experience and a college. For more information, see each application (Section VI – Qualifications for a Certified License). Note: Florida offers three licensing classifications for contractors: Before you start applying for a contractor`s license, you must have passed this exam. The exam consists of three parts that you must pass: To obtain a certified contractor license in Florida, you must pass the appropriate Division I or II exam (excluding pool contractors). The exams are carried out by Professional Testing.

You can register and apply online through their website or contact them at 407-264-0562 or [email protected]. Further information can be found in exam registration and registration. Finally, it`s time for you to submit your license application. Keep in mind that general contractors in Florida can apply for a certified license or a registered license. Certified general contractors are allowed to work anywhere in the state of Florida, while registered general contractors can only work in certain jurisdictions. Whatever you choose, the process will be essentially the same. Remember, while the “artisan exception” allows you to perform work that is not included for state license purposes, some counties still require a license. For example, Lee County requires painters to obtain a license to perform work in the county. So be sure to check your county licensing board to make sure if you need an additional license or not. If you don`t do the work described above, you may not need a Florida contractor`s license. However, you still need to purchase a commercial license to run your business.

For both licenses, general contractors must follow the same basic process. In Florida, entrepreneurs can apply both as individuals and companies, so there`s no need to register a business if you want to work as a general contractor. In addition, there are also special licenses, which can also be at the local or state level. These include special structure licenses, pool specialties, building demolition and others. CiLB meets regularly to review applications, review disciplinary cases, and hold hearings related to admission and discipline. Their Headquarters of the Department of Professions is located in Tallahassee, but they have field offices spread throughout the state. As we discussed in a previous article (link below), ciLB is known to perform even sewing operations to catch unlicensed contractors. This method is common for entrepreneurs who tend to inherit a contractor`s license within their family or someone close to them.

When a contractor retires, he can pass on his licence to another. However, this does not release the new contractor from license verification. To become an entrepreneur in the Sunshine State, you must obtain a Florida Contractor License. The State manages the licences of contractors for all areas of expertise. In some cases, you may also need a local-level license. While Florida allows entrepreneurs under the age of 18 to apply for a license, applicants must demonstrate a good financial situation, which may not be possible for an 18-year-old. General Contractor applicants must provide a FICO credit score of at least 660. If you don`t have high enough credit, some applicants may buy collateral instead. If you only want to work in a localized area, you can get by with a registered license. These licenses are provided by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board and apply to both general contractors and substations. How to Apply for a Certified Contractor License in Florida: A certified license is valid throughout the state of Florida, which means that a contractor can legally work anywhere in the state. A registered license allows a contractor to work in certain local jurisdictions.

The laws governing Florida building permits are Chapter 489, Part I of the Laws of Florida, and Chapter 61G4 of the Florida Administrative Code. If you do not have the required FICO credit score of at least 660, you can present a contractor`s license bond instead. The amount of the deposit depends on the category of the contractor and is as follows: Florida offers several types of contractor licenses, some of which may affect the number of exams you need to pass (more on that soon). While this article focuses on the Certified General Contractor License, Florida offers separate requirements for: If you want to start a construction business in Florida, you will need to go through an administrative process with state agencies. You will need to purchase a contractor`s license in Florida that guarantees that you are fit for work. When applying for a registered license, you must also provide proof of competency: To obtain your registered license, you must submit either an up-to-date competency card from a local licensing office or a letter from a building manager stating that you are competent in the category in which you wish to obtain a license. Applying for a contractor`s license can be a complex and frustrating process, which is why hiring a contractor`s license company may be in your best interest. Our Licensing, Etc.

team not only fills out documents for you, we also advise and accompany you in your application. We know what the Board of Directors is looking for to get your approval, and we`ll let you know what it takes to get a license quickly. We make sure that nothing is missing or incomplete in the application. We support both people who have never applied for a contractor`s license before and those who are stuck in the middle of the process or have been rejected. We`ve processed thousands of applications for people in Florida, Georgia and other states, so we have experience in quickly licensing contractors so they don`t lose their jobs. You must also pass the Florida Contractor License Check. All types of license require it, with the exception of the pool specialty. Electricians interested in applying for certified licenses use this app and the fee is $316.25. Both types of licences require the applicant to also pass an examination. Penalties for unlicensed contracts in Florida are severe, so make sure you have your Florida contractor license if you need it. Once you have passed and passed the Florida Contractor Licensing Exam, you can complete your license application.


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